Roller Conveyor Systems RBS

roller conveyor / roller conveyor RBS

Technical Design:

  • robust welded steel frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Aluminium profile system with adjustable roll mounting
  • straight or diagonal arrangement of the carrying rollers
  • Plastic or steel rolls with PVC-hose and low-noise groove ball bearing
  • Roller conveyors with fixed drive or accumulation drive
  • Drive motor with integrated frequency inverter
  • Power transmission via upright shaft with flat belt or round belt
  • adjustable plastic stop bars
  • Aluminum profile groove 8 mm for fastening of sensors
  • Conveyor intermediate lengths in 100mm increments possible, e.g. RBS 2400 with 2400 mm length .
Kenndaten Rollenbahn RBS 3000 - RBS 6000

Characteristics roller conveyor RBS 3000 - RBS 6000

The roller conveyor is adjusted by us to your special purpose. Share your requirements our sales engineer, and he will design a system layout precisely for your requirements.

  • sizes: 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm, 6000mm
  • roll-Ø: 50mm
  • roller pitch according to design: 75-100mm
  • straight or inclined alignment: variable
  • Maximum load: 50kg/m
  • fabric width according to design: 600-1300mm
  • Conveyor rollers with flat belts or with corrugations and round belts: Steel tube PVC hose

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