Polishing machine and sanding machine for contour parts

Gottschild offers a special solution for contoured parts like piano covers. This model is also suitable for cross sanding and polishing. Therefore this system is the perfect solution for Corian® and similar labor intensive materials. The axes are driven by servo motors, which are very precise and energy efficient.


  • Optimal evenly high gloss surface
  • No damage of edges
  • Automatic size and height adjustment
  • Considerable time saving compared to manual work
  • No additional subsequent costs by using standard hand tool abrasives and polish
  • Various application possibilities by using different tool heads
  • User-friendly graphical operator interface
  • Easy maintenance and machine set up
  • Minor running noise
  • Contour sanding and polishing
  • Cross sanding and polishing
  • Energy efficient


The contour and cross-sanding function is available for the HBS 2600 machines and the heavy duty machine.


Two motor-driven NC axes enable sanding and polishing of contour parts. These must be straight over the entire length on the fence side. The NC axes automatically follow the contour of the workpieces by receiving data via a measuring system. Other shapes can only be processed in templates that meet the conditions described above.

Cross sanding and polishing

The cross sanding machine has a diagonal and length sanding function and can switch between the two operating modes while the process is running. This change is called cross sanding. In the video you can see how it works. Please note that cross sanding is not possible for contour parts.

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