Sanding and polishing machine HBS 1600 for lacquered high-gloss furniture fronts and Corian®

The Gottschild polishing and sanding machine HBS 1600 is the low-cost entry-level model for fully automatic polishing and sanding of lacquered furniture fronts and Corian®. You can sand and polish with the same machine!
Depending on the version, rectangular parts up to a size of 2800 x 850 x 50mm can be machined. With the use of standard polishing and sanding pads an optimal, evenly high-gloss surface is created. The time saved compared to manual processing is considerable.
The machine is equipped with a simple sinusoidal fixed frequency conveyor belt oscillation and has an output up to 60 square meters in 8 hours.

Technical data and advantages

  • Front size minimum 180 x 90 x 10 mm up to maximum 2800 x 850 x 50 mm
  • Output of up to 60 square meters in 8 hours
  • Maximum weight of the panel 60 Kg
  • Front shape rectangular with automatic detection of size and thickness without set-up times
  • Conveyor belt oscillation
  • Fast sanding and polishing of high gloss furniture fronts and Corian®
  • Optimal homogenous high gloss surface
  • Low subsequent costs due to standard sanding and polishing kits
  • Easy handling/self-assembly is possible
  • Machine length 1600 mm, width 1190 mm​​, height 1500 mm
  • Machine frame height of 960 mm ± 25 mm
  • Machine weight 600 kg
  • Data connection 400V / 3.0 KW / 5 Bar
Schleifmaschine und Poliermaschine HBS 1600 als Detailaufnahme

Application examples

High-gloss furniture front with real gold inlay machined with a HBS 1600

The HBS Series Gottschild-Systems are the ideal machines for sanding and polishing of sensitive and expensive surfaces.
Designer furniture manufacturers, aircraft interior fitters and yacht interior fitters with highest demands in quality work with Gottschild polishing and sanding machines.
The video shows a Gottschild HBS 1600 polishing and sanding machine with optional tool head oscillation that sands and polishes a high-gloss furniture front with real gold inlay.

Three HBS 1600 sanding and polishing machines in one production

Some of our customers use up to three low-cost sanding and polishing machines HBS 1600 in their production of lacquered high-gloss furniture fronts and Corian®. Three machines can easily be operated by just one employee. This means a high availability of the machines with high productivity and low follow-up costs.

Inexpensive roller conveyors

We are happy to supply you also with suitable inexpensive roller conveyors. For this, we send you offers on request.
Alternatively, customers who choose the HBS 1600 sanding and polishing machine often build their own conveyor technology. In this video we show you a particularly good example how this can look like.
For the Do it Yourself roller conveyor you receive upon request technical drawings, the rollers and the adjustable feet from us when you buy an HBS 1600. These are then included in the purchase price.

Special machine equipment

Conveyor belt oscillation

The machine is equipped by default with a sinusoidal 200 mm long belt oscillation, which moves in the forward direction of the conveyor belt. By these oscillating movements the surface is evenly sanded or polished as if by hand. In this way, you achieve a high-quality result.

Vacuum table

The machine is equipped by default with a vacuum table, which gives more security against twisting when sanding and polishing small parts. The vacuum table with five rows of holes has a length of 220 mm, a width of 280 mm and is installed in the middle under the tool head. It is designed for connection to the exhaust system (no vacuum pump / no side channel compressor).


Operate functions

7" graphic operating terminal

The user interface of the Gottschild HBS-System works intuitively and simply. All parameters are easily adjustable via the graphical touch interface. The built-in data memory allows you to save your finishing parameters. These data can be called up again at any time in order to reproduce consistent quality.
The operator terminal enables you to connect to the Gottschild remote maintenance service via Internet in order to receive quick support from one of our experts.


Eccentric Sander Head

In just a few simple steps, the HBS 1600 polishing machine becomes a fully automatic random orbital sander machine. Fine sanding with this eccentric sanding machine with 1000, 1500 or 2000 grit shortens the subsequent polishing time with an improved polishing result. The eccentric sanding gear with 5 mm grinding stroke is driven by a high-quality industrial spindle motor 1.2 KW, 400V with speeds of 6000 rpm up to 12000 rpm.


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