Schneidemaschine / Schneidesystem für 3D-Möbelfronten

Schneidemaschine / Schneidesystem für 3D-Möbelfronten

The Gottschild trimming system CS 2001 is a trimming gantry robot to trim membrane pressed foil laminated 3D furniture fronts panels. The proven overhead trimming system on the CS 2001 removes the entire overlapping PVC foil from MDF furniture components.We designed this overhead trimmer to handle continuous 3-shift operation with a capacity of 7.5 parts per minute and 3600 parts per shift.
This makes the CS 2001 with up to 3400 parts/ 8 h to the perfect trimming system for large producers of rectangular furniture components.

The CS 2001 automatically recognizes the size and thickness of furniture components, which makes random feeding possible.The two-head trimming system with patented round knives quickly and efficiently processes the lengthwise edges of the workpiece in through-feed operation. The CS 2001 is less expensive compared to a turn over system. And contrary to a turn over system, the trimming system CS 2001 is efficient enough for two presses.

Circular blade CS 2001
Circular blade CS 2001
Film overhang cutting
Film overhang cutting


  • Two-head rotary knife cutting system
  • Inlet inclined roller conveyor with separation


  • Extraction of the trimmed foil strips
  • Conveyor system with feeder belt and angular transfer
  • Output accumulating roller conveyor with buffer action

YouTube video cutting machine CS 2001

Maschine Component
Minimum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Maximum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Trimming operat.
per min./per 8 hours
600 x 400 mm
CS 2001 Rectangular 180 x 89 x 15 mm 3000 x 650 x 35 mm 7,5 / 340

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