HBS Robot

The Gottschild HBS robot is the optimal polishing and sanding machine for 3D parts with curved surfaces that cannot be processed with our standard machines.

We have developed our own software for the grinding and polishing robot. At the beginning the robot has to be manually taught the respective part shape once. (Teach-in procedure). The data for the different workpieces are stored and can be retrieved from the data memory as required.

The tool heads can be exchanged quickly and easily, so that the robot can be used for both grinding and polishing. All grit sizes available on the market can be used for the grinding head. The HBS robots are characterized by easy handling and a clear user interface. The machine works with inexpensive standard polishing sets, which means that only low follow-up costs arise during operation.

Optionally, the robot can be equipped with an automatic size recognition for rectangular parts. This allows an adjustment in case of chaotic loading without loss of time. The measurement of the workpieces is done by sensors during the infeed. Size recognition is only possible for rectangular parts with flat surfaces. The processing of 3D parts can only be done by the teach-in procedure. As a further option the robot can be equipped with a bar code scanner. The scanner reads the bar code on the back of the parts when they are on the infeed roller conveyor. Based on the bar code, the corresponding processing program is automatically called up.


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