Brushing machines for cleaning furniture components

Bürstenmaschinen zum Reinigen von Möbelteilen

The Gottschild brushing machines are used to clean various surfaces. One area of application is, for example, the fully automatic removal of glue overspray from the back of 3D furniture fronts after foil coating.
The automatic size and thickness recognition of the furniture fronts enables an adjustment with constantly changing equipment without loss of time in the continuous process.

Depending on which surfaces and how many workpieces you want to process in 8 hours, Gottschild supplies you with the right brushing system.

You can choose from machines with disk brushes or linear brushes

Brushing/buffing machine for 3D furniture fronts panels / 02

BSD 2000

The Gottschild disk brushing machine BSD 2000 is equipped with the proven four-head disk brush system that removes the glue overspray from the back of the foil-coated 3D furniture fronts.
The time saved compared to manual work is considerable. This results in a low payback period.

PAC 2200

Gottschild panel cleaners are suitable for cleaning surfaces on both sides. The machine is equipped with counter-rotating linear brushes and integrated air nozzles to optimize cleaning and improve self-cleaning of the unitates.

Advantages of the disk brushing machines for 3D furniture fronts panels


  • Automatic size and height adjustment
  • No edge damage
  • Equal brush wear
  • Low maintenance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low running noise

Comparison Gottschild Disk brush | Roller brush from other manufacturers

Functional principle | Disk brush

The Gottschild brush machines are equipped with individual disk brushes across the entire width of the machine. Depending on the size of the front, only the brushes required are individually activated and worn.

Functional principle | Roller brush

With roller brush machines, the individual roller brush extends across the entire width of the machine. Depending on the size of the front, only part of the brush is worn unevenly.

Optimal edge quality | Disk brush

Optimale Kantenbeschaffenheit durch Tellerbürsten

The disk brush is pneumatically applied to the surface and the panel does not run in front of the brush edge. This maintains an optimal edge quality.

Edge damage | Roller brush

Ungleichmäßige Abnutzung Walzenbürste

The roller brush must be set so low that the part to be cleaned runs slightly in front of the brush. This can lead to edge damage. On the other hand, if the brush is set higher, the parts will no longer be cleaned sufficiently.

Automatic height and size detection | Disk brush

Standard equipment of the brush machine with automatic size and thickness recognition of the furniture fronts. Adjustment in case of chaotic loading without loss of time in the run.

Optional automatic height detection | Roller brush

If there is no automatic height detection, readjustment must be carried out manually for different thicknesses.

Uniform wear of the brushes | Disk brush

The disk brushes are pneumatically controlled by pressure and lowered until they touch down. Due to the horizontal rotation of the brushes, uniform wear of the individual disc brushes. If the individual disc brushes wear differently, the contact point of the respective brush head shifts.

Gleichmäßige Abnutzung

If larger parts are moved after machining many narrow workpieces, the entire surface is cleaned evenly. The machine is fully functional even with different degrees of wear and tear on all of the circular brushes without having to be readjusted.

Uneven wear of the brushes | Roller brush

A possibly existing automatic height adjustment of the machine does not work properly in the long run, because the uneven wear of the roller brush is not recognized. When machining many narrow parts, the roller brushes wear unevenly ( see picture ).

Ungleichmäßige Abnutzung

If larger parts are then driven, the entire area is only partially cleaned. The machine is no longer functional if the roller brushes uneven wears.

Low running noise | Disk brush

The disk brush machine generates only a small amount of running noise.

Loud running noises | Roller brush

The roller brush machine often generates very loud running noises.

Simple, little effort | Disk brush

  • No required due to uneven wear
  • Easy regrinding of the disc brushes to clean glue residues
  • Regrinding time: approx. 10 minutes
  • No further settings are required

Complicated, time-consuming | Roller brush

  • Elaborate manual regrinding of the roller brush to compensate for the different degrees of wear. Loss of material on the entire expensive brush due to sanding
  • Complex manual regrinding of the roller brush to clean glue residues
  • Regrinding time: up to 4 hours
  • The height adjustment must be readjusted after sanding

Inexpensive | Disk brush

Worn, inexpensive disk brushes can be replaced individually.

Expensive | Roller brush

All expensive roller brushes have to be replaced at the same time.

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