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Gottschild polishing and sanding machines are fully automatic systems for polishing and sanding lacquered high-gloss furniture fronts and Corian┬«.

Roller Paternoster

Gottschild Roller Paternoster Rack Systems are the optimal paternoster storage machines for foils for cutting plotters, vinyl foils for 3D furniture fronts or other roll goods.


Gottschild brushing machines remove fully automatically the glue overspray from the backs of the furniture fronts and are also used for cleaning various other surfaces.


Gottschild Trimming gantry robots are fully automatic cutting machines that trim the foil overhang of 3D furniture fronts

Polishing Robot

Gottschild HBS polishing robots and sanding robots are the optimal systems for rectangular 3D parts and parts with curved surfaces.

Portal robots

Gottschild develops and manufactures portal robots according to your specifications.

Conveying technology

Gottschild Industrial roller conveyors, belt conveyors and angular transfers stand for quality at the highest level.

Special machines

Gottschild develops and builds special machines according to customer specifications.


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Parts polished with our machines are so shiny that you can reflect yourself in them.

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