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Special Machines for your Furniture Production

Special machines and customer-specific adaptations Gottschild develops and manufactures to your specifications. You may give us your request and we will work out a solution.


Depending on which and how many parts you edit, delivers Gottschild different systems.
Edge Cleaning Machine BS2000
The edge cleaning machine BS 2000 is the proven fully automatic brush gantry robot for cleaning edges of furniture fronts panels.
Workpiece Return Conveyor WRF
The proven Schroeder / Gottschild Workpiece Return Conveyor WRF for furniture panels is suitable for all conventional edging machines.
Vertical Buffer System VPS
The vertical buffer system WPS of Schroeder / Gottschild is the optimal buffer system for the short-term storage of furniture panels in 20 levels.
Panel Turnover Machine WVR
The proven Schroeder / Gottschild
panel turnover device is the optimal tilting machine for furniture panels with up to 26 cycles / min.
Angular Transfer ATF
The proven Schroeder / Gottschild Angular Transfer ATF for furniture panels is the optimal technique to workpieces of 90 or 180 degrees to transport.
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