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Trimming Gantry Robot / Trimming Machine CS 2001 for 3D-Furniture Components

The Gottschild trimming system CS 2001 is a trimming gantry robot to trim membrane pressed foil laminated 3D furniture fronts panels. The proven overhead trimming system on the CS 2001 removes the entire overlapping PVC foil from MDF furniture components.We designed this overhead trimmer to handle continuous 3-shift operation with a capacity of 7.5 parts per minute and 3600 parts per shift.
This makes the CS 2001 with up to 3400 parts/ 8 h to the perfect trimming system for large producers of rectangular furniture components.

CBS 3800-8 Trimming and Cleaning System

  • Trimming into price range
    of a turn over system
  • Adapts automatically to size and thickness of components, which makes random feeding possible


The CS 2001 automatically recognizes the size and thickness of furniture components, which makes random feeding possible.The two-head trimming system with patented round knives quickly and efficiently processes the lengthwise edges of the workpiece in through-feed operation. The CS 2001 is less expensive compared to a turn over system. And contrary to a turn over system, the trimming system CS 2001 is efficient enough for two presses.

General Data of CS 2001:

  • Two-head trimming system
  • front size minimal 180 x 89 x 12 mm up to maximal 3000 x 650 x 30 mm
  • front shape retangular with automatic detection of size and thickness without set-up times
  • Processing time CS 2001 approx. 3600 parts/8h with an average size of 300 x 400 mm
  • maximum weight of the panel 20 Kg
  • easy handling
  • Machine length 2000 mm, width 1500 mm​​, height 2000 mm
  • Machine frame height 960 mm ± 25 mm
  • Machine weight 1000 kg
  • data connection 400V / 10 KW / 6 Bar

Application examples find here:

Trimming Unit CS 2001 for 3D-Furniture Components

The CS 2001 Trimming Unit is a powerful and efficient machine for the cutting of foil overlaps on 3D-pressed doors. The two-head trimming system achieves a processing speed of 7-8 parts/minute (rectangular parts). This innovative machine is easy to use and requires low maintenance

The automatic size recognition of the individual door allows for completely random feeding in throughfeed operation without any loss of time. Rotation knives can generally process nearly all regularly used thermoplastic foils.

Rectangular parts are measured by light sensors and pusher and will then be processed. The maximum processing speed is approximate, depending on the quality of the edge bonding direct after the pressing cycle. If needed, every movement of the individual NC-axis can be easily adjusted by the operator.

Trimming Unit with two round knives and triangular knive separating the foil edge

The machine operates with 2 parallel trimming heads, which are mounted on stationary tool bridges. The longitudinal cut is processed in a throughfeed operation by transporting the panel below the tool bridge on a transport belt.

The front and rear cross-cuts are carried out while the part is stationary. The machine is equipped with an extraction hood which can be connected to the on-site extraction system by using an excess foil separator.

Every trimming line, independent of the size, works absolutely automatically except loading and quality control.

YouTube Video Trimming Machine CS 2001

Diagonal Roller Conveyor to the the Trimming System CS 2001 ( Option )

The full speed of the brush is only possible. if the parts are conveyed in the optimal distance into the machine. The driven roller conveyor separates the panels. Therefore the roller conveyor is controlled by the cleaning machine.

Machine Type and Production Capacities

Minimum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Maximum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Trimming operat.
per min./per 8 hours
600 x 400 mm
CS 2001
180 x 89 x 12
3000 x 650 x 30
7-8 / 3600

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