Gottschild HBS Machines

Roller polishing machines

Automatic size adjustment

Automatic size and thickness recognition of furniture fronts is standard equipment in all HBS sanding and polishing machines. This enables automatic adjustment in case of chaotic loading without loss of time in the throughput. The maximum part length is not limited and can be more than 4 m with the appropriate roller conveyor.

No automatic size adjustment

Time-consuming height adjustment by hand required for different part thickness. On roller polishing machines with movable table, the maximum part length is limited by the table length.

No risk of edge damage

The polishing pads of the HBS polishing machines are automatically applied to the surface. The polishing pad automatically moves only so far over the edge that the edge of the part is not damaged. The overhang can be adjusted with millimeter precision. Gottschild sanding and polishing machines do not damage edges!

Risk of edge damage

Another disadvantage of roller machines is that all workpieces must be clamped with wooden strips. This is necessary to prevent the edges from being damaged. The strips must be in stock for all part thicknesses (storage). Each time the panel size is changed, the appropriate strips must be re-screwed.

Even wear of the polishing pads

The wear of the polishing pads is always even. When surfaces are polished with HBS polishing machines, the gloss is always even over the entire surface.

Uneven wear of roller brush

When processing many narrow parts, uneven wear of the roller brushes can occur. If larger parts are polished with a roller brush that is worn on one side, no homogeneous gloss is produced on the entire surface.

Large selection of different polishing pads

If you want to polish differently colored parts, you only have to change the polishing pads on HBS polishing machines. Then you can continue working with another color without any loss of time. Our HBS machines work with inexpensive standard polishing pads, the same as those used on hand polishing machines. This results in only low follow-up costs. Furthermore a large selection of pads is available. You can use polishing pads of different materials, e.g. wool, plastic, etc. for different surfaces.

Only roller brush and difficult to clean

If you want to polish differently colored parts with roller machines, the roller brush must be cleaned of the black color after polishing black panels, for example. If the next part is white, for example, a time-consuming cleaning is necessary. On roller machines you cannot use different materials like wool, plastic etc. for polishing. There is only one roller set available, which is very difficult and expensive to replace.

Simple, little effort

Gottschild HBS machines are very low maintenance. Easy change of polishing pads. Plus a long life of up to 4 weeks per pad if the pad is cleaned after work. When using e.g. different polishing pastes, just change the polishing pad quickly and you can immediately continue working with the machine. Simply place the next parts in any order and start the machine.

Elaborate, often necessary

Time-consuming work preparation due to frequent machine set-up and cleaning of the large roller brush. Edge protection strips must be stored and often screwed together. If you use different polishing pastes, roller brushes always leave behind residues of the old polishing paste. After cleaning the roller, place new part on the machine, fix it with edge protection strips, screw strips together, set up the machine and start it.


Inexpensive standard polishing sets (polishing pads)


Expensive roller brushes replacement necessary

Low running noise

Low running noise and with option machine housing very low running noise.

High running noise

Often very high running noises.

Various application possibilities

The HBS machines can be equipped with a polishing head Ø 180 mm or an eccentric sanding head Ø 150 mm, as well as a brush head 220 mm. The heads can be exchanged with a few simple steps, so that the same machine can be used for sanding as well as for polishing and brushing.

Use only as polishing machine possible

A roller polishing machine can only be used for polishing. No other application is possible!

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