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Cylindrical Brush Machine WRM 2/S for Furniture Components

The proven Schroeder / Gottschild two cylindrical brush machine WRM 2/S is a high performance full automatic cleaning machine for removes the glue overspray from the back of the foil coated 3D furniture front panels. Depending on the model the machine can work parts up to 4000 x 1300 x 60 mm. The time saving compared to manual work is considerable.

Technical Data Brush Machine WRM 2/S/800/C

  • 2 cylindrical rotating brushing system
    Ø 300 mm with strong motors
    2 x 3 KW with 30 mm oscillation
  • front form rectangular and contour
  • front size minimal 180 x 89 x 12 mm up to
    maximal 4000 x 800 x 60 mm
  • Processing time approx. 3 - 12 m/min
  • maximum weight of the panel 40 Kg
  • easy handling / self-assembly is possible
  • Machine length 2500 mm, width 1800 mm​​, height 2000 mm
  • Machine frame height 900 mm ± 50 mm
  • Machine weight 1100 kg
  • Data connection 400V / 9.0 KW


A machine for multifunctional use, especially for the processing of furniture parts, offering you the individual functions like burring and cleaning (in the case of working of foil-laminated 3D cabinet doors), as well as surface structuring, smoothing, sanding and polishing (in the case of furniture parts made of solid wood).

Cylindrical brushes with Ø 300 mm WRM
Two Cylindrical brushes with Ø 300 mm WRM

Advantages WRM 2/S

  • short re-set time
  • easy operation
  • long tool-life
  • maintenance-free adjustable units
  • oscillation on the linear guides
  • low power consumption
  • universal use as individual machine or to be linked with other machinery

  • Second Hand Machine
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Cylindrical brush with strong V-belt drive and linear guide for brush oscillation WRM

Main Applications WRM 2/S

  • structure of real wood
  • oil rub of solid wood
  • smoothing of real wood waxed
  • cleaning of surfaces
  • deburr from foil-coated plates
  • sanding using a slotted sanding media
  • high gloss polish of lacquered high-gloss furniture

Cylindrical Brush Machine WRM 2 / S in combination with a Gottschild four-head Disk Brushing Unit BSD-4 for a
surface cleaning with quality at the highest level.

Pressure rollers for Cylindrical Brush Machine WRM 2/S for small panels ( Option )

Pressure rollers give more security the twist of small parts. Without pressure rollers small panels can twist themselves.

Vacuum Table with Side-Channel Compressor for Cylindrical Brush Machine WRM 2/S
( Option )

The vacuum table with Side-Channel Compressor give more security against the twist of small parts. Vacuum Table over the full width with Side-Channel Compressor.

Diagonal Roller Conveyor RBS for Cylindrical Brush Machine WRM 2/S ( Option )

The optimal loading of the roller brush machine WRM 2 / S is only possible if the parts are transported on a powered roller conveyor in the cleaning machine.

General data of the Diagonal Roller Conveyor:

  • Driven roller conveyor separately for the synchronic transfer to the cleaning system and lay up the doors.
  • Roller-Ø 50 mm, diagonal and 700 mm long
  • Roller pitch approx. 75 - 100 mm
  • Total frame size approx. 1000 mm wide x 3000 mm long
  • Frame height 960 mm ± 25 mm
  • Roller conveyor weight 400 kg
  • data connection 400V / 0,75.0 KW/ frequency converter

Machine Type and Production Capacities

Number of
Minimum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Maximum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Cleaning capacity max
per min
Rectangular / Contour
180 x 89 x 12
4000 x 800 x 60
3 - 12 m/min

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