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Polishing and Sanding Machine HBS 1500 LC for lacquered high gloss MDF - Low-Cost Special Edition - Cut your production time by half -

The Gottschild Polishing and Sanding System HBS 1500 - Low-Cost Special Edition - is the optimal fully automatic low cost finishing machine for sanding and polishing of lacquered higloss Furniture Fronts Panels ( MDF High Gloss Panels, MDF Cabinet Doors ). The machine can high-gloss finish of rectangular parts up to 2500 x 750 x 50mm. Through the use of proved polishing and sanding tools an optimal evenly high gloss surface is created. The time saving compared to manual work is considerable.

Technical Data Polishing System HBS 1500 LC
Low-Cost Special Edition

  • front size minimal 180 x 90 x 10 mm up to maximal 2500 x 750 x 50 mm
  • maximum weight of the panel 40 Kg
  • front shape rectangular with automatic detection
    of size and thickness without set-up times
  • fast polishing and sanding of high gloss furniture fronts
  • optimal homogenous high gloss surface
  • low subsequent costs due to standard sanding and polishing kits
  • easy handling / self-assembly is possible
  • Machine length 1500 mm, width 1090 mm​​, height 1500 mm
  • Machine frame height 960 mm ± 25 mm
  • Machine weight 600 kg
  • data connection 220V / 3.0 KW / 5 Bar

Poliermaschine - Schleifsystem HBS 1500 - Low-Cost Special Edition

Polishing and Sanding Machine HBS 1500 LC
19.900 €

Poliermaschine - Schleifmaschine HBS 1500 - Low-Cost Special Edition

A description of the advantages of HBS Polishing Machines you can find here

This machine can be equipped with one polishing head Ø 180 mm or one eccentric sander head Ø 150 mm with 5 mm sanding stroke . The heads can be exchanged quickly and simply, thus enabling you to use the same machine for sanding, polishing and cleaning . Of course our machines have been equipped with an automatic detection of size and thickness of rectangular panels, enabling an adaptation in the case of chaotic loading without loosing time in through-feed operation. The measuring of work piece length and width is made during infeed of the part. The height adjustment is achieved ​​by the pneumatic pressure control when working on a piece.

Polishing Machine HBS1500
Polishing and Sanding Machine HBS1500 on the DREMA 2012

The clear user surface of the HBS 1500 LC is characterized by simple handling. The machine works with low-priced standard polishing kits. This results in no high subsequent costs.

Control panel HBS 1600 with 7 segment display.
Control panel HBS 1500 with 7 segment display

Note! -We delivery the Sanding and Polishing Machine HBS 1500 - Low-Cost Special Edition - only without machine housing - the machine is on site safety guard by the customer! Without safety guard the machine does not comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Eccentric Sander Head for Polishing and Sanding Machine HBS 1500 LC ( Option 2,900.00 Euro )

With the option eccentric sander head can be changed the polishing machine HBS 1500 LC into a random orbital sander machine with a few simple steps. Due to the finish with 1000, 1500 or 2000 grit the subsequent polishing time is shortened and the polishing

Sanding with HBS

pattern improved. The eccentric sander gearbox with 5-mm sanding stroke is driven by a high-quality industrial spindle motor 1.2 kW,220V with rotation speed of 6000 rpm up to 12,000 rpm.

HBS 1600 as Sanding Machine with eccentric sander
HBS 1500 as Sanding Machine with Option eccentric sander head

Simple Vacuum Table for Polishing and Sanding Machine HBS 1500 LC ( in price included )

The simple vacuum table, milled into plywood plate, gives more security against the twist of small parts. The vacuum table with five rows of holes has a length of 220 mm and a width of 280 mm. The vacuum table is attached under the first tool head and is constructed for connection to the exhaust system. ( No vacuum pump )

Option Vacuum Table

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