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Edge Cleaning Machine / Gantry Robot BS 2000 for your Furniture Components Production

  • Adapts automatically to size and thickness of components, which makes random feeding possible
The Gottschild edge cleaning machine BS2000 is a brushing gantry robot to cleaning edges of furniture components.The application area for this edge processing machine are the removing of remaining glue and fettling or sanding. The BS 2000 can be equipped with different brushes. The BS 2000 is designed for a capacity up to 3000 parts per shift. This makes the machine to the perfect buffing system for medium and larger productions.

The BS 2000 automatically recognizes the size and thickness of furniture components, which makes random feedingpossible.

The disk brushes of the two-head rotating brush system are put on the back of the front panels with pneumatically controlled pressure and driven by CNC around the front of the furnitures.

The efficiently processing of the lengthwise edges of the workpiece is carried out in through-feed operation. Optional available spraying units allow the punctual application of liquid detergents. The low-maintenance brushes are very durable, ensuring low production costs.

BS 2000 mit Bürsten mit 60 mm durchmesser

BS 2000 mit Exzenterschleifer mit 50 mm durchmesser
Technical Data of BS 2000

  • Two-head cleaning system
  • front size minimal 180 x 89 x 12 mm up to maximal 3000 x 650 x 35 mm
  • front shape retangular with automatic detection of size and thickness without set-up times
  • Processing time BS 2000 approx. 3000 parts/8h with an average size of 300 x 400 mm
  • maximum weight of the panel 20 Kg
  • easy handling
  • Machine length 2200 mm, width 1440 mm​​, height 1750 mm
  • Machine frame height 960 mm ± 25 mm
  • Machine weight 1000 kg
  • data connection 400V / 10 KW / 6 Bar

Vidoe edge cleaning machine BS 2000

Machine Type and Production Capacities

Minimum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Maximum Part Size Rectangular
(L x W x H)
Trimming operat.
per min./per 8 hours
600 x 400 mm
BS 2000
180 x 89 x 12
3000 x 650 x 35
6,5 / 3000

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